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Hello Everyone!
It's finally February! This means that it is officially January favourites time. The way I like to do favourites (personally) is have one beauty item, one skincare item and as many random items as I want as I think that if I go on for 20 favourites about the same brand of lipsticks, we will all get bored. So without further ado, let's get started...

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

I absolutely love this little invention that Soap and Glory has brought us! I recently bought one and am in love with it! It is basically a lipstick that looks like a lip gloss on your lips, but, it has amazing staying power and makes your lips feel incredibly smooth. I have it in the shade nudist which is an amazing 'your lips for better' colour that I personally think would suit anyone! It also has a very soft vanilla scent that smells amazing!

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

This eye cream has honestly been a life saver. I struggle with really bad under eye circles and I have tried so many eye creams to reduce the appearance of them, yet, none of them have been really helpful. This has really changed the appearance of my eyes! My dark circles are still there, but I have noticed that they don't seem as heavy as they used to be!

Sims 4 Get Together

Now, not many of you may know this, but I absolutely love the Sims! This game is my guilty pleasure and they recently brought out a new expansion pack! I have been playing this for about a week now but absolutely love it. The animations and new game play aspects they have included in this game are incredible and making it hard for me to turn off my laptop!

Niomi Smart

 Now I have to admit, I didn't always watch Niomi as I didn't really think that the videos would really benefit me and I wasn't really into the type of content that she made. BUT... I have recently started watching her again and am in love with her videos! I especially love her healthy eating videos as they just inspire me to start being more healthy! I also love her make up tutorials!

I hope you enjoyed reading my very short January favourites and Kat will see you with a new recipe on Wednesday!

See you soon,
Elle xxx


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  1. Love you and your blog!!


  2. I love the sims 4 too! It's so addicting! xx