Blogmas Day 10 - My Top 10 Drugstore Christmas Make-up Items

Hello Everyone!
Elle here with my top 10 Christmas Make-up items to get you in the festive beauty mood! I hope you enjoy!

1.) Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 100 Ivory

This foundation gives light to medium coverage with a dewy, skin like look on your face. It comes in a huge range of shades and is very natural so good for work or school.

 2.)Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer 010 Ivory
 This concealer may say that it is a brightening/highlighting concealer but do not be fooled! It doesn't really highlight my under eye areas where I tend to use it and works just as well as a medium coverage blemish concealer. I would say that if you would like to use this as a highlighting concealer go a shade down!

3.) Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder 021
Now I know this may come as a shock to all you Rimmel fans out there, but... I don't actually like the Stay Matte Powder! I don't know but I just find it very heavy on my skin and I really don't like the really caked on feeling some powders give and this one is perfect! Don't be alarmed, it does the exact same job as Stay Matte but is just less heavy and better for your skin. I use the transparent one to set my foundation and concealer and mattify the areas of my face where my make up usually comes off first.

4.) MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde
 This has been my brow savior for as long as I can remember. It has a soft consistency so glides nicely onto your brow and has a brush on the end to comb through your brows either before or after you have filled them in. Whats more, it's only £1.00! BARGAIN!

5.) Miss Sporty Clear Mascara

I love this clear mascara for taming my eyebrows after I have filled them in to keep them in the right place for the remainder of the day. There's not really that much to say abut the product as the name says it all... It's 'Just Clear Masacara'

6.) Tanya Burr Shimmer Pot in Creme Brulee   

This eye shimmer is what turns the whole make-up look from everyday, to Christmas! It's a gorgeous shimmery almost brick-red colour and also looks beautiful underneath the eyes on the bottom lash line. Unfortunately, it is limited edition from the Tanya Burr Advent Calendar but if you can at all get your hands on it it is definitely worth it.

7.) Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner
I really like this eyeliner for fine lines across my lash line to make my eyes look that bit bigger. It is really easy to apply and glides along very smoothly. Don't worry if you have sensitive eyes because I do too and there are some eye products that make my eyes water a lot but luckily this didn't!

8.) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
 This mascara is insanely good! The shape of the wand means that it curls your eyelashes as well as adding length and volume. It is one of those mascaras that you can put on and suddenly you are hit with a wave of compliments on your eyes. Yes it's really that good!

9.) Sleek Blush in Rose Gold 
This blusher looks amazing with the eye-make up looks and has a lot of shimmer. The level of shimmer means that it also plays the part of a highlighter so it is a two in one! It is an amazing level of pigment for a drugstore blusher and you only need the tiniest but to make a nice effect. It's also one of those blushers that makes you look really healthy and well rested!

10.) Avon Glazewear Shine Lip gloss in Iced Pink
 Although it really doesn't look like it, this lip gloss goes amazingly with the rest of the look adding a natural finish that still has a bit of colour in it. The pink is a similar colour to the blush so ties it all in really nicely!

Thank you for reading and I hope this has inspired you to do some Christmas Make-up looks on yourself. There should be a tutorial of this look going up on the weekend so you can see what it all looks like on the skin!

See you on the 12th,
Elle xxx


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