Blogmas Day 20 - Review of the Lush Snow Time Gift Set!

Hey Everyone,
Elle here! So, one of my best friends decided to give me an early Christmas Gift, which I was very pleased about, and it happened to be a Lush Gift Set. Therefore, I will be reviewing it today! So Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, may I present the Lush Snow Time Gift Set!

This set is amazing for those of you who prefer fruity scents to the spicy Christmas scents as the products inside are more of the winter range compared to the Christmas range. I will warn you however, as there is a lot of polystyrene that decides to greet you as you open the box!

 The first item in the box is the Frozen Bath Bomb...
This bath bomb has a very strong grapefruit scent and has a blue glittery centre! that looks amazing in your bath. Imagine dropping a handful of explosive glitter being dropped in your bath and that is what this bath bomb looks like. It leaves you with a deep blue bath with a top of silver glitter!

The second item is the Baked Alaska soap...
This soap is very citrus scented and is extremely colourful! I would however say that it does take a while to lather and definitely falls out of your hands a lot in the bath and shower. However, you do get a very good amount of it.

 The third item in the box is the Snowman Bath Jelly...
This item I was really looking forward to and had very high expectations for but it didn't really meet my expectations. It takes absolutely ages to lather and when I tried to wash my hair with it, it ended up completely drying it and making it feel like straw, so definitely not for someone with dry hair. The smell is another thing that I am a bit skeptical about as it smells like blackcurrant fruit pastilles which is not really something I want to smell like.

 The fourth item in the box is the Snowman Fun...
This item also has a fruit pastille scent but I can live with it due to the amazingness of this product! Fun can be used as play dough, bubble bath, body wash and shampoo. It lathers up very nicely and creates lots of bubbles even just after using the tiniest amounts!

The fifth item in the box is the First Snow Dusting Powder...
I have only used this product once but I really liked the sparkle effect it gave my arms. It also has a very light blackcurrant scent which is quite nice in small doses. This would be great for Christmas Parties too!

The sixth and final item in the box is the Christingle Body Conditioner...
This is by far my favourite product in the box as it is a brilliant invention. It leaves my skin feeling like it has already been moisturized and really nourished! It also has the nicest peppermint and menthol scent that isn't particularly Christmassy but amazing for your body. I also got a lot of compliments when I met up with all of my friends after using this in the shower!

I hope you enojoyed this post and I will see you soon!

See you on the 22nd,
Elle xxx


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