Blogmas Day 12 - The Ultimate Starter Beauty Box!

Hello Everyone,
It's Elle here with Day 12! We are already half way through BLOGMAS!!! Now if you are friends with or have a relative who is just starting out in beauty and is asking for a million beauty items that aren't the cheapest and you think she will have no use for, I have the solution. Ladies and maybe gentlemen, may I present THE ULTIMATE STARTER BEAUTY BOX.

 So for stage one of the process, all you need is a box. I have this really cute lips box that came in a Seventeen beauty set which would be perfect to put the beauty items in. I also decided to add some pink tissue paper into it to make it feel more gift like as it is always nice to open something and then look into the tissue paper to see all the items.

 Stage 2 is filling the box so I have made a list of things that can be put in the box!
  • Lip Butters, if you think that lipsticks or glosses are too much then it is nice to give them a lip butter to make their lips nice and soft.
  • A nail polish, this is a great starter make-up item as it will not look as if they are wearing make up but they can still feel like they are.
  • Lip Gloss Stick, this is great for people who like to feel as if they are wearing a lipstick but isn't as heavy and gives the look of a gloss.
  • Blush and Highlighter, these steps are totally optional and are probably better for people who are more advanced with make up or older but, these items came with the box so I felt that it would be good to include them.
  • Face Mask, these are amazing to start out with and can really help your skin, especially when you are starting out with make-up. The 7th Heaven ones are also about £1 and amazing!
  • Soap, another beauty essential that is quite cheap and you will find that who you are buying for will think that the different scents are quite cool!  
  • Deodorant, perfume or fragranced body spray, people who are starting to wear make-up are usually younger and in their early teens and starting to wear different scents and perfumes.

For Stage 3, all I did was stick a ribbon to just the lid, not the whole box! I also tucked in a Candy Cane for a nice effect and that was it. Job done!

Thank you for reading and I really hope you enjoyed this post. I actually really enjoyed writing this and it definitely has got me into the Christmas Spirit!

See you on the 14th,
Elle xxx


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