Blogmas Day 13 - Everyday Winter Makeup

Hello Everyone!

It's Kat here. Today's post will be all about my everyday make-up routine for the winter/Christmas season. The products I have used can be used for a full-face make-up look for work or parties, but also for a natural daily make-up look. I just love these products so much and I think that they tie in so well with the Christmas season.


Firstly, after exfoliating and cleansing my skin, I moisturise my skin using Liz Earle skin repair, Light Moisturiser. I like to use the light moisturiser so that it doesn't make my skin too oily. I then apply Bareminerals Prime Time Fountation Primer. Bareminerals uses all natural minerals so applying this to my skin fiirst before any other products makes my skin feel so healthy. Some people don't like to use a primer and don't feel the need to, but this primer really smoothes out my skin and makes my foundation go on ten times better. 

For foundation I use Nars all day luminous foundation. This goes on so well after the Baremminerals Primer. I then use the collection lasting perfection concealer with shade number 1 (fair) under my eyes, and shade number 2 (cool-medium) to cover any blemishes. To apply and blend in my foundation, I use the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki brush. This brush makes applying foundation so easily because the flat sides just glide along your cheeks with almost no buffing needed, and the sharp angles help to prevent foundation getting into your eyebrows and hairline. The Sigma 3DHD precision brush is amazing for blending concealer under the eyes, on the brow bone and around the nose.


For my cheeks, I have been using Tanya Burr's Rosy Flush Cheek Palette. I just feel like this palette has everything in one that you would need for your cheeks, and it gives them a really natural pop. The brush I use to apply this is the Lottie London Blush Brush. This brush is so soft and the perfect size for blush.

Eyes and Brows

My top 2 make-up products for my brows have to be the Soap and Glory brow filling archery pencil and brush, and Maybelline Brow Drama eyebrow mascara. To achieve my everyday brows I brush through my eyebrows with the brush on the soap and glory pencil, then I fill in my brows using light strokes with the pencil and brush through them again. Once I am happy with the shape of my brows, I go through them with the brow mascara. This highlights hairs that you never even knew you had, it gives your brows a fuller look, but also masks the fact that you have filled them in by darkening the hairs and bringing them forward. So in a way this helps to make your brows look more natural.

For my eyes, I have been using a coat of the fair collection concealer on my lids to brighten my eyes and cover up any veins. Then I have been using the w7 in the Nude palette on my eyelids.

This palette is extremely similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, the Naked 3 eye-shadows are easier to blend, however this palette has longer staying power and is £31 less than the Naked 3 Palette. The colours are beautiful rose golds and nudes. This is great for winter time, because a nude/gold eye tends to go well with a red lip or a nude lip (as oppose to summer when people would tend to wear a more pink lip).

After the w7 palette, I use my MAC eye pencil, in Coffee. This is a dark brown eyeliner but I like to do a very small flick and smudge it out slightly for a more natural look. I apply a tiny bit on my waterline and sometimes  use a white eye-liner pencil to highlight my tear duct and wake up my eyes. Then I curl my lashes and apply a coat of Maybelline sensational lash waterproof mascara on my top and bottom lashes. It is important to use a waterproof mascara in winter because the air is cold and misty and can cause your lashes to "uncurl" or smudge under your waterline.
On an ordinary day I would leave it at that, however for a more formal or special occasion I will use Tanya Burr's individual lashes. I just apply 4 across my top lash line, using smaller ones for the inner corner and longer ones towards the outside of my eye. This really lengthens my lashes and opens up my eyes.


Christmas is the perfect time to wear a red lip. My favourite lip gloss has be Tanya Burr's Bewitching. This is only available in her Deck the Hauls Advent Calendar, but a very similar one that I also love is cherry picking. Bewitching is a deep shade or red-purple, it is quite pigmented but not as pigmented as I would like it to be, however it is still a great lip gloss. The lipstick that I am absolutely loving at the moment is an MUA lipstick in the shade 13. This lipstick is absolutely amazing! Don't be put off by the fact that it is only £1, it is one of the creamiest, most pigmented lipsticks I have ever tried, and the staying power is fantastic. I could eat a 3 course meal at a restaurant with this lipstick on and it wouldn't wear away at all! It is a really bright and merry shade of red, perfect for the Christmas season, and the texture of the lipstick isn't Matte but it also isn't overly glossy too. Another great thing about it is that it has a lip liner on the end that you just unscrew and use with a brush, which is so handy and really cute too. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I hope it was helpful to you. I will see you again on the 15th...

See you next time,
Kat xxx


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