Blogmas Day 7 - My Top 10 Christmas Jumpers!

Hello everyone!

It's Kat here. Nothing says "Christmas" like a good old Christmas Jumper, and this year I have been completely obsessed! 
In today's Blogpost I will show you my top 10 favourite christmas jumpers this year, in order of my least favourite to favourite.

10) This Girl Loves Christmas £14.99
9) Reindeer £35.00
8) Elf £24.99

6) Sparkle all the way £14.99
This is such a pretty jumper and can be worn at and time during winter.
5) Mrs Claus £18.00
Great for a casual Christmas party. Also available in red.
4) On the Naughty List £21.00
3) Holly, Reindeer and Snowflakes £15.00
A very traditional, festive jumper
2) I only do mornings on the 25th of December £19.99
So True!

1) This Girl Loves Santa £28.00
I love this one, it is really cheeky and goes well with a red lip.
 Thank you so much for reading. I love wearing Christmas jumpers so much, and I hope that this post has inspired you to purchase one x   

See you on the 9th!
Kat xxx


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