Blogmas Day 15 - DIY Body Scrubs

Hello Everyone!

It's Kat here. I'm sorry I have been behind on all the Blogmas posts, but the internet has been down in my area for over a week now. I thought that for Today's post I would do DIY Christmas Body scrubs. In the winter, your skin tends to feel dryer and not as healthy as it is in the summer, so it is really nice to take more care in pampering and looking after your skin.

1 - Peppermint Body Scrub

To make this body scrub you will need:
- 1 cup of granulated white sugar 
- 1 cup of soft brown sugar
- 1/4 cup of almond oil
- 1-2tsp Peppermint oil

Combine all the ingredients and put them in a jar. You can tie it with ribbon or put a tag on it and it will make the perfect Christmas gift. I love this body scrub because the different textures of the sugar really help to exfoliate and get rid of any dead skin. Also the almond oil makes my skin feel so healthy and lovely. This also a great lip scrub too.

2 - Christmas Spiced Body Scrub

You will need:
- 1 cup of granulated white sugar 
- 1 cup of soft brown sugar
- 1/2 cup of almond oil
- 1/2 cup of coconut oil
- 1tsp cinnamon 
- 1tsp ginger
- 1tsp honey
- 1tbsp grated orange zest

This body scrub is absolutely amazing! The ingredients are all so Christmassy and it smells so good. The mixture of the almond and the coconut oil and the honey make it so good for your skin. The grated orange is not only christmassy but brightens and hydrates your skin, leaving it really smooth. This is personally my favourite body scrub.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Comment down below which one is your favourite if you tried them. I will see you on the 17th with another post!

See you next time,
Kat xxx


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  1. Love these ideas. Totally want to try these! Thank you for posting. I have sensitive skin will these scrubs be okay? xx

  2. Please do try them, I promise you it will be worth it!
    If you have sensitive skin, it would be better not to go for the second scrub because the cinnamon and orange could be slightly aggravating. I would recommend using a sugar which has finer grains (such as a soft brown sugar), and also use less peppermint oil.
    I hope this helped you! x
    Kat xxx