Blogmas Day 5 - DIY Christmas Decorations!

Hello everyone!

It's Kat here, and it's Blogmas Day 5! (I'm so excited). Today's blog post is about my all-time favourite part of the Christmas season...
DIY Christmas Room Decorations!

Decorating my room makes me feel super festive. I just love to wake up to a room full of Christmassy things and it puts me in such a good mood. I'm going to show you what decorations I put up in my room this year and how I made them.

DIY Fireplace

This DIY Christmas Fireplace it a great way to make your room feel christmassy and cosy. It is so simple to make and looks really impressive. The first step to making this fireplace is stacking up old cardboard boxes until they look vaguely how you want your fireplace to look... 

Then print out around 10-15 A4 sheets of bricks and stick them over the fireplace. An effective way of mimicking a fire is using a picture of a log fire and then placing fake candles and twigs/sticks of cardboard in front of the picture, so that when you turn the lights off it looks like a real fire! 

You can then decorate your fireplace however you like. I cut out the letters JOY in cardboard but you could do X-MAS or SANTA or NOEL if you want to. I stuck on Christmas ribbons too and I thought that it gave it a really nice festive finish. 

I made these mini Christmas trees because they are so cute and took only 10 minutes to make. Just print out a couple of sheets of green paper. Then cut out 6 circles, each one getting slightly bigger. The size of the circles is up to you. Then roll up a piece of A4 paper into a cone and use a piece of sellotape to hold it's shape. Chop the end off to however tall you want your tree to be and make sure it is level and can stand up. 
To make the tree leaves, cut a slit half way through each circle, and overlap it so it makes a cone shape. Then cut a hole in the top of each cone depending on the size of your tree trunk, (the larger the cone, the larger the hole). Don't cut a hole in the smallest one. Then layer the circles on your cone, putting the biggest ones at the bottom, and the smaller ones at the top. No glue or sellotape needed, just place your tree where you want it, and you are done!

Paper Tree

This tree takes a good half hour to make but put on your favourite TV programme and before you know it you will have a perfect christmas tree to put on your desk or window sill!
Cut a wrapping paper tube to around half a metre long. Then cut out 20 pieces of 7" square paper, 20 pieces of 6" square paper, 20 pieces of 5" square paper, and lastly 10 pieces of 4" square paper. Roll each of these pieces onto cones and tape them in place. Then starting with the 7" paper and moving up to the 4", stick the cones around the wrapping paper tube, putting 10 on each layer. When you reach the top you should have 7 layers of cones, getting smaller as you go up the tree. If the tree isn't the right shape, make a ring of kitchen roll and stick it underneath the bottom layer to make the bottom ring of paper stick out more. Then top your tree with ribbon or a star and you are done!

Advent Calendar

To make this DIY advent calendar, Stick 25 small envelopes on a piece of A3 paper, write on the numbers of each day and decorate it however you want. I used ribbon to decorate mine. Then put a treat in each of the envelopes and you will be ready to stick your calendar on your wall!

Candles and Fairy lights

Candles and fairly lights are a beautiful but effortless way of making your room look super festive and pretty. If you have lots of paper decorations like me, then it is best to use fake candles. However I would recommend using Christmas scented candles, because make your house smell amazing and always put me in such a festive mood!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful. Obviously I didn't make all of my christmas decorations myself, so here are some links to a few of the decorations that I bought this year to give me a helping hand and make my room look extra Christmassy:

See you on the 7th!
Kat xxx


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