BLOGMAS DAY 6 - These Lip Balms will change your life!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to BLOGMAS day 6 by yours truly (Elle). So as we all know, Christmas is a magical time of year but it is also that time when dry lips come back to ruin your perfect Christmas pout. Your lips get really cracked, nasty and sometimes quite painful so the eighth lip balm is essential. Below are the two lip balms that will change your life, ENJOY xx


Now this lip balm is amazing! It's not my go to lip balm but it certainly is Kat's. She was just telling me today that when she spent the Winter in Italy her lips were horribly cracked and even bleeding! All she did was put some CARMEX on and in 5 minutes she could already notice her lips looking a lot better! This can also be used as a really good lip primer and it creates such a smooth base not just with the lip balm on but a lot later after using it. The thick consistency is what makes my lips feel so good when putting it on because I know it's a good product!


 Now, where to start with BURTS BEES... This brand has basically saved my lips forever more. This is my go to lip balm and I always keep it near me for when ever my lips feel cracked or dehydrated. It works quickly and really nourishes my lips. The Mango one is by far my favourite thing as it has a lovely taste, smell and feel by using mango butter to really help take nourishment to the next level. I guess the only way I can describe the taste and smell is by saying 3 words: TWISTER. ICE. LOLLIES. These smell so much like twisters just by using them it makes me feel like I almost am having an ice lolly because of the amazing feel, smell and taste.

Thank you for reading and I really hope this has convinced you to go out and buy these amazing products!

See you on the 8th, 
Elle xxx


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