Blogmas Day 2- Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

Hey Guys!
Elle here with a new blog post for you all about ways to keep warm this Winter (accessories edition), I hope you enjoy!
1.) A nice, warm SCARF!
 I personally would not be able to survive Winter without a scarf because they are so cozy and also a great accessory!
I have put some links below to some of my favourite scarfs ranging in price that you can maybe give as a gift!
£16 ASOS 
£49.50 Jack Wills 
£7.99 H&M 
£9.99 New Look
£8 Next 

2.) A big chunky HAT!
Now, I think that you all will agree with me when I say that hats are great. They can keep your ears warm they can keep your head from freezing off and look pretty cool, especially with a bobble on top ;). Once again I have linked some amazing hats in the description to keep those ears from falling off this Winter!

3.) A pair of GLOVES to keep your fingers toasty!
 Ahhh, Gloves! Those beautifully soft coats for your hand that become almost like a little room with all the radiators on. Now I absolutely adore these conceptions for the reason that they seem t always do their job so as always look below for some of my favourites!
£35 FatFace Leather Gloves 

See you on the 4th,
Elle xx 


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