Blogmas Day 8 - My Fail-Safe Everyday Winter Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone,
Elle here with my fail-safe Winter Skincare routine for people with normal-spotty-dry skin. A hard category seeing as dry skin products are usually quite oily which doesn't really mix well with spotty skin. However, I think that I have found the perfect combination of products for all you lovely people facing the same problem as me.


Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - £15.50 for 100ml tube
This cleanser is amazing for absolutely all skin types. It is made with all natural ingredients and comes with a free muslin cloth :) I would say that price wise it is moderate compared to some of the new cleansers coming out but it is completely and utterly worth the money for the skin benefits. To cleanse with this all you do is cover your face with it and wipe it off with a hot, wet muslin cloth! This is also a really great make-up remover.


Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic - £14.50 for 200ml bottle
 Now this has changed my skin forever more. It is absolutely amazing and again has all natural ingredients being from Liz Earle. The point of a toner is getting rid of all the grime that may still be left over from your cleanse and tightening your pores. This specific cleanser has brought down my redness a lot as I have very sensitive skin and even if I eat the wrong thing, my skin seems to always pay the price. To use this product all you need to do is put some on a cotton pad and sweep it all over your face.


Simple Light Hydrating Moisturizer - £4.19 for 125ml Bottle
I really like this moisturizer as it is very hydrating especially when your skin can feel a lot dryer and tighter during the Winter months. It is exceptionally cheap for the quality and after I use this it makes my skin feel really fresh and healthy :) To use this product you simply (if you pardon the pun) massage it into your face and neck to get that lovely fresh feeling.
Simple Spot Zapper - £5.49 for 15ml Roller Ball Tube
 This spot zapper has been my life saver! I get the most amount of spots on my nose that is probably humanly possible so everyday I have been using the roller ball all over the areas of my face where I am spotty and the next day they have been reduced quite a lot! It does say on the package that it removes spots in 4 hours but this isn't actually true. Personally, I would say that if you use this day and night for a normal spot it will most likely be gone within a week which is actually very good for a spot zapper. There is a tea tree and witch hazel cream that Kat gave to me and I used to use and that was even better but I have recently lost it and am in the process of getting a new one so this is what I have been using. To apply this all you need to do is roll it onto your spots and voila!
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!
See you on the 10th,
Elle xxx 


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